Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Learning about our senses

Today we learned all about the sense of hearing.  
Everyone in our classes can use their ears to hear but we know that every one in the world does not have the sense of hearing.   
We talked about all the ways we use our hearing; learning to talk, learnig in school, talking with friends and family, crossing the road, listening to music and the television.  
We tried using just the sense of hearing today.  This is what we heard when we concentrated hard on listening; 
A car
A truck
The teacher in the classroom next to us talking
The whiteboard.

The we played a game using just our heaing to identify different actions.  
Here are the ones we identified; 
             A tamberine 
             Shaking water in a bottle                    
             A book being closed with a bang   
             Teacher typing on the keys of the laptop
             Sharpening a pencil ( this was the hardest of all because we had to listen very carefully)


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